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How did the plastic from Estonian Song Celebrations found it's way to Finland?

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Biodegradable plastic dishes used in Estonia during the Song Celebrations in summer 2019 had to be taken to Finland for recycling, because Estonia lacks the resources to compose such a large amount of plastic waste.

''The problem is to compose that amount of biodegradable plastic products we need industrial technology, which is available in Estonia only partly, but not all manufacturers have adjusted their processes to manage that kind of packaging waste.'' said the Vice chancellor of the Ministry of Environment Kaupo Heinma.

People often get confused with the word bio-plastics. Bio-plastic could mean that recyclable plastic has been used to produce the product, but the product itself is not biodegradable.

Secondly could bio-plastic product be entirely made of the biodegradable and recyclable material which will be fully composted by the bacteria.

Thirdly we have plastic which is oxy-degradable - this process takes oxygen to turn plastic material into tiny pieces of microplastic. That kind of plastic will be banned in the EU in 2021.

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