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Scotland bans cotton buds in fight against ‘global climate emergency’ (UK)

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Scotland has become the first part of the UK to ban the sale of plastic cotton buds in an effort to combat plastic pollution.

The new legislation, which was first presented in Scottish parliament in September, has now come into effect, banning the manufacture and sale of the items.

Single-use plastic products are not only wasteful but generate unnecessary litter than blights our beautiful beaches and green spaces while threatening our wildlife on land and at sea,” Ms Cunningham said.

environmental campaigners at the Marine Conservative Society, who have cleared around 150,000 plastic cotton bud sticks from beaches in Scotland over the past quarter of a century.

Catherine Gemmell, conservation officer at the organisation, said the regulation is a “fantastic win” for Scotland’s “seas and wildlife”.

“We look forward to more ambitious action from the Scottish government and to working with them on future actions needed to stop the plastic tide,” Ms Gemmell stated.

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